The world appreciates and loves dark-skinned people. ANOK DENG CHUANG

The world appreciates and loves dark-skinned people. ANOK DENG CHUANG
Today’s technology through social networks has brought out talents that are often hidden from the general public. With a few clicks we can visit very interesting profiles and as attractive as the stars shining in the night on a starry sky.

These STARS, born from one day to the next, never cease to amaze with their beauty, elegance and tenderness when they want to satisfy their subscribers. Among them, the beauties of Africa did not want to remain unaware. One of them; with a seductive smile; with a well built waist and a sensual body; everything in her is made to attract the eyes.

She takes the time to talk with her subscribers; and to make more friends. Anouk DENG knew how to win the hearts of Internet users; followed her in this interview.

InterfacesMedias: Hello Madam
R./ oh hello there.

Media Interfaces: Tell us a bit about yourself,
R./I am a postive and ambitious young lady who loves socializing with people and making new friends.Well apart from being a model am also into dancing and singing,One of my favourit thing that i like about myself is how i make people around me laugh out loud,i mean their smiles and happiness just brightens every moment of my life.

InterfacesMédias: How would you define your character?
R./I am trustworthy,Honest and crazy as well but not in a bad way.

InterfacesMédias: We already know you as a strong influencer on social networks, what really motivated you to be so present?
R./Well, what really motivated me to be so present is my Confidence, my confidence led me all around the world and the world instead returned me a very special favour, the world loved me and they appreciated my beauty and made me realize how beautiful i am and thanks to them.

InterfacesMédias: Is the life of an influencer a simple passion for you or can you make a living from it too?
R./ To be honest i havent started earning anything yet from being an influencer but i believe and trust that i will soon start making a living out of it.

InterfacesMédias: Why did you choose the life of publications on the internet as an activity as well?
R./well i have quite many reasons but i think i will give three, I chose the life of publications on the internet to have a sense of archivement and fullfilment ,I chose the life of publications on the internet to send a clear image to the black girls who think they are not beautiful because of their colour, i wanted to encourage them and give them confidence, so they can see how the world appreciate and love dark skin people too.

InterfacesMédias: What does this time that you offer to all your subscribers do for you?
R./the time i offer to my fans /subscrivers really makes me happy even though am in bad terms or feeling low /down,i feel so loved and the support and love that i get from my fans/subscribers is worth beyond million dollors .

InterfacesMédias: What are the Important prizes you got from it?
R./The important prizes i got from it..its not fame,its not the image of me but love.its the love that i got from it and that is actually the most important and beautiful thing that ever happned to me.

Media Interfaces: How much time do you devote to social networks per week; because of faith you do not publish also?
R./ I actually give 90% of my time to social media and yeah i do publish almost everyday despite am being asked.

InterfacesMédias: What is your daily life like outside of publications?
R./my daily life is not that boring ,i do party,and also do house work too.

InterfacesMédias: What are your passions outside of the Internet?
R./well,i love watching series,swimming ,cooking and hanging out with friends.

Media Interfaces: What type of cuisine do you like?
R./italian and mexican cuisines

InterfacesMédias: What memorable memory do you keep in your life as an influencer?
R./A memorial memory i keep in my life,is when i met a person online and that person became so imortant to me in my life right now.this was all i prayed for from God and he answered my prayers.Am grateful,

Media Interfaces: How do you feel about other influencers, and how do you think others are handling life on social media?
R./I think the other influencers are doing just fine and wonderful,i really do appreciate their efforts and work they are doing on social medias.

InterfacesMédias: Can you give us any advice for young people who want or are in the life of an influencer?
R./A person who wants to become an influencer shouldnt lie about their life or they shouldnt fake life on social media,Being honest is one of the great and unique thing an influencer can have,
As an influencer,you should be grateful to everyone and mostly your fans too because you are who you are because of them,
As an influencer,you shouldnt be rude and disrespectful.
And lastly as an influencer you shouldnt be arrogant or have attitude towards anyone.

InterfacesMedias: Thank you so much for the interview

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