• Traditional pageantry is crossing the world of AI creators as part of the first global awards of its kind – dedicated to recognising beauty, tech, and social media clout
  • An esteemed judging panel has been assembled for the inaugural awards, including Aitana Lopez and Emily Pellegrini – two of the world’s biggest AI creators, leading pageantry historian Sally Ann Fawcett, and highly respected marketing guru, Andrew Bloch
  • Contestants will go head-to-head for a total prize package worth over $20,000 courtesy of inaugural partner Fanvue, the leading content creator platform 

The world’s first beauty pageant for AI creators has been announced – as part of a new global awards programme for the AI creator economy called the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs).

Inaugural partner, leading content creator platform Fanvue, has seen exponential growth in AI-generated creators joining its platform since the end of 2023. Fully digital superstars like Emily Pellegrini and Aitana Lopez are racking up millions of followers, signing brand deals, and raking in thousands of pounds from their surging fanbases. 

The value of the AI creator economy is expected to exceed the $1 billion mark this year. Now, the world’s first award to crown Miss AI has been announced in partnership with Fanvue – the content creator platform which has established itself as the home of AI creators.

“Fanvue Miss AI” is the first instalment of an exciting programme of awards in the AI creator economy, under the banner of the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs). 

Crossing traditional pageantry with technology, the Fanvue Miss AI contest signifies a monumental leap forward – launching almost 200 years after the world’s first ever real life beauty pageant took place in the 1880s. Contestants must be original AI-generations, submit images only, and will be judged on some of the classic aspects of pageantry combined with recognition of the skill and implementation of AI tools used to create their digital masterpieces, and their social media clout. 

The “unprecedented” growth has been fuelled by a plethora of new easily accessible AI tools hitting the market, and platforms like Fanvue enabling creators to monetise their content. This creative edge has enabled would-be creators across the world to access the creator economy – without necessarily needing to be the public-facing creator themselves.

An esteemed judging panel has been assembled for the inaugural awards, including two of the world’s most popular AI creators, the UKs only beauty pageant historian, and a highly respected marketing expert. 

Meet the Judges 

Aitana Lopez 

Aitana Lopez is regarded as one of the most famous AI creators in the world. She has amassed over 300k followers on Instagram, and earns over $10,000 per month on Fanvue. In the past 6 months she has attracted media attention around the world, establishing herself as one of the biggest names within the AI creator economy. 

Emily Pellegrini

Like her fellow judge, Emily Pellegrini has fast become one of the hottest AI Creators in the world. She has over 250k followers on Instagram and attracted mainstream media attention across the globe after receiving date requests from real life sports stars and billionaires.

Sally Ann Fawcett 

Sally Ann is one of the most influential figures in the pageantry industry, and recognised as Britain’s only pageantry historian. She is the author of four books about the Beauty Queen world and in 2020, Sally Ann marked the 75th anniversary of the Miss Great Britain pageant with The Official History of the contest. She is an esteemed judge in real life pageantry, and has been Head Judge for Miss Great Britain for the past ten years.

Andrew Bloch 

Andrew is regarded as one of most respected and influential marketers in the world.  Having founded and built two award-winning agencies, Andrew now serves as a non-executive director and board advisor to some of the UK’s most exciting PR and marketing agencies. Andrew has served as Lord Sugar’s PR advisor for over 20 years, and over the course of his career has worked with some of the biggest celebrities, social media influencers and content creators on the planet.

Each judge will use their wealth of expertise to assess contestants across three core categories; beauty, tech, and social media clout. A points-based system will be used to score each contestant, with each entrant given an overall score.

With an estimated 10,000 AI creators now established around the world, partners Fanvue hope the awards will attract thousands of entries. Submissions will be whittled down to a final Top 10, before the Top 3 will be awarded at an online ceremony to take place in May. The total prize package is worth over $20,000 and the creator who lands the Miss AI crown will earn themselves $5,000 in cash, along with a package of perks including promotion on the Fanvue platform, and a dedicated publicist to help grow their reach to new audiences. 

Fanvue has fast-established itself as the pioneer platform in the AI creator space, which is part of a creator economy valued at over $250 billion. It meant Fanvue was the obvious partner for the inaugural awards to recognise AI creators achievements, and celebrate their success around the world. 

Fanvue Co-Founder, Will Monanage, commented:

The creator economy is an extremely exciting place to be in right now, and with the help of our platform, there’s been exponential growth in AI creators entering the space, growing their fanbases, and monetising content.

We jumped at the chance to be the first ever partner of the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards, which recognises talent and tech – and will continue to raise standards within the industry. Miss AI is just one award as part of a programme, and we share the vision for the WAICAs to become the Oscars of the AI creator economy. 

We’re delighted to have such an esteemed judging panel who add a huge amount of prestige to awards.”

The creator behind Aitana Lopez, one of the most followed AI creators in the world, commented:

“The number of AI creators around the world has seen incredible growth in the past twelve months, and Aitana has built up an adoring fan base. There’s a huge amount of skill, time and effort that goes into using the tools to create AI-generated creators and it’s so exciting that the first dedicated awards programme to recognise creators work has launched.”

Sally Ann Fawcett, commented: 

“As one of the world’s only traditional pageantry historians it’s really exciting to be involved in an awards which feels so futuristic. It’s been a fast learning curve expanding my knowledge on AI creators, and it’s quite incredible what is possible. Interestingly, there are so many parallels between real life pageantry contestants and AI creators, and how they engage with their audiences. I can’t wait to assess the entrants alongside the other judges. 

Andrew Bloch commented:

“AI creators are becoming some of the most marketable properties on the planet, driving huge engagement and attracting high value brand partnerships. Their skill in implementing AI tools, their social clout and how they interact with their audience plays a major role in their success and I’m honoured to be judging the inaugural Fanvue World AI Creator Awards and celebrating their talent.”

The Miss AI Top 10 will be announced on the 10th May, with an online awards ceremony taking place later that month.

AI creators can enter Fanvue Miss AI from today (10th April). To enter, and for more information on how to enter, visit https://www.waicas.com/

Notes to Editors 

What the judges are looking for


Contestants will be judged on some of the classic aspects of pageantry including their beauty, poise, and their unique answers to a series of questions like « if you could have one dream to make the world a better place what would it be? »


Contestants will earn points for their skill and implementation of AI tools used to create their digital masterpieces including use of Prompts and their output, and visual detailing around hands, eyes, and backgrounds. 


Their social clout will be assessed based on their engagement numbers with fans, rate of growth of audience and how utilisation of other platforms such as Instagram.

Prize breakdown 

1st Prize 

The AI creator crowned Miss AI will receive a stunning $5000 cash prize thanks to our awards partner, Fanvue, plus access to their Imagine Creator Mentorship Programme worth $3000.

2nd Prize

The runner-up in the inaugural Miss AI awards will receive free access to a course on their Imagine Programme plus $2000 promotional package on the Fanvue platform. 

3rd Prize 

The third placed contestant will receive a free consultancy call with Fanvue plus a $500 promotional package on the Fanvue platform.

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